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Fem.Ale Festival arrives in Nottingham

For Nottingham Craft Beer Week this June we've decided to mark the 100th anniversary of British women being guaranteed the right to vote. There's been a world-wide celebration of women throughout 2018 and we wanted to be part of it be celebrating women in beer! Our week-long beer festival is an extension of the already poular FEM.ALE BEER FESTIVAL'S in Norwich and Brighton.
We are lucky enough to have such special guests here such as Wild Card Brewery's Jaega Wise and beer writer Melissa Cole as well as more local leading-ladies such as Claire Roe of Welbeck Abbey and Natalie Bullin of Nottingham CAMRA's spin-off arm Young Members Society. More information can be found in our 'Diary' tab.

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Spotlight Open Mic Night

SPOTLIGHT Nottingham has been running since October 2016, during that time we have seen some of the best artists around. Spotlgiht was originally based at Filthy's Nottingham, but since it's closure, it has moved down to Bunkers Hill. SPOTLIGHT provides a safe performance space for all kinds of musicians to come down and show an appreciative audience their music.
SPOTLIGHT is known for being a place that you can go and always feel welcome and make new friends, if you’re new to town and want to meet new band members or just like minded people then SPOTLIGHT is perfect for you. SPOTLIGHT are now about to start putting on nights in other venues to really push the musicians that are playing at open mics and need to find the next stepping stone into gigging. We are really excited to be a part of this venture to provide a stage for people that just want to play their music!

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Retro video games on big screen

Join us every Monday from 4pm and play your favourite Sega Mega Drive and Master System games on our projector screen! Simply pay a deposit for the Bluetooth controllers, sit anywhere you like in the pub and choose from over 40+ classic games such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Columns, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Golden Axe and loads more!
We regularly put on video game tournaments and time trials and our most popular is the annual NHL Ice Hockey Tournament that coincides with the EIHL Play-Off Weekend at the Nottingham Ice Centre and is our biggest weeeknd of the year.

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next Wednesday 23/1


Hump Day (12pm)Every Wednesday we celebrate Hump Day (The midpoint of the week) with a plethora of drinks offers!

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