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Craft Beers new to Bunkers Hill

Although we've been selling craft beers for over two years, we've watched and waited as the market for these quirky lagers grows and develops. We also opted for more niche draught ciders, as cider drinkers become more informed and knowledgable about cider Strongbow just doesn't cut the mustard.
We've sourced FOUR brand new craft beers from some of London's top brewers. We have Frontier Craft Lager, a 4.5% clean, refreshing lager, brewed with new world hops by Fullers of Chiswick in London. Another popular craft brewer in the big smoke is Meantime Brewing Company, and we will be going through their cast range of beers on a rotating fount. The third pump is dedictaed to Suffollk outfit Adnams who are producing complex and rounded beers, all of which are real connoisseurs' session beers. The fourth pump is to showcase brewers from all over the country and beyond, the furthest we've sourced a beer is California, Lagunitas is dispensed on our bar three weeks from leaving the USA.

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Discounts for Panthers fans

Being situated next door to the Capital FM Arena we are swamped by Nottingham Panthers ice hockey fans every match day. Couple that with the fact our manager, Nicky, is a devoted Panthers fan himself we inevitably became a bit of an unofficial hockey pub. These discounts will all be available for the upcoming 10th Elite League Play-Off Finals weekend which take place  on the weekend of Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2013 and is the highlight of the UK ice hockey calendar.
Every home game we now offer a plethora of discounts valid only for those with a valid match day ticket. Simply present your ticket at the bar when ordering  your beers and you'll be entitled to 15p off a pint. If beer and cider ain't your think then look out for a string of other offers such as VK Flavours 3 for £5 or Smirnoff and Red Bull only £3.15 [plus more].

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Tuesday Night Music Club

An Open Mic like no other! Come and play us some songs, or just sit back and have a chilled Tuesday evening listening to live music. The #TNMC takes place every other Tuesday and to find out if it's this week or next week simply click on the 'Events' tab on the website or you can follow both @thebunkershill and @daveyrocks on Twitter for regular updates. You can find photos from #TNMC on Bunkers Hill's Facebook page. If you'd like to perform you can either bok a slot with Davey Rocks or simply turn up!
Davey Rocks plays lead guitar and bass for up-and-coming unsigned artist Natters on her 2013 single Take Him From Me. This has been followed up by an EP in early 2014 and more live shows. Future plans include collaborations with Alixandrea Corvyn and Dvae Stanton of Last July, and contributing to Rob "Laney74" Lane's (bassist for Teenage Casket Company/People on Vacation) next solo album, Straight to Video 2

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Sexy Salsa with El Nico

Join El Nico every Wednesday upstairs as he brings his flavour of Latin dancing to Hockley. El Nico established the class in 2009 and has held permanent residence every week since. The class has novice and intermediate groups and is a perfect way to unwind, keep fit or have fun. Classes start at 7pm and everybody is welcome - just turn up, grab a drink and head upstairs!
For more information or to ask about costs and availability please call the bar on 0115 9100 114 or contact us via our website, simply click on the Contact Us tab above. We hope to see you there..

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Wednesday 25/4


SALSA CLASS (7pm)El Nico brings his soulful flavour of Latin and Cuban dancing to Bunkers Hlll. Have fun and keep fit only £5.00 upstairs no booking required.. just turn up!

next Friday 27/4


UNPLUGGED SHOWCASE (8pm)Local acoustic artists chosen by armageddon promotions. Free entry and 4 live acts.

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